Social Media Marketing

Boosting your brand on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook has never been more important than it is today! With the vast majority of Australian's using social media accounts daily, tapping into this market is essential for modern business success.

Here at Luke Symonds, we take special care in ensuring that your business and/ or brand communicates its core message to your customers in an engaging way, utilising proper social media channels.

Our process begins with the development of a social media strategy designed to help achieve your business goals, whether that be increased views, sales or brand awareness. We can create a plan to help you achieve success.

In addition, we’ll handle every aspect of your campaign, including strategy, content creation, and posting of content. We ensure that the timing and frequency of the distribution of content is executed to maximise impact on viewers and entice new customers!

Standing out

Newsfeeds are full of heavy traffic these days, so it’s vital to have content that will stand out visually.

We pride ourselves on enhancing local customer satisfaction with Facebook. Through the production of stylistic videos that are captivating to viewers, we connect them your brand in a way that leaves them wanting more, while also boosting your business’s results.

Our stunning media, combined with a the right social media strategy will boost your levels of engagement that will far exceed your competitors. We aim to build brand value, customer loyalty and engagement that leaves powerful impact on your business.

Leave your viewers wanting more, seeking out your services, and becoming life-long loyal members.

We’ll help you get the most out of Facebook